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Transforming Arcadia University Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

Transforming Arcadia University Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

College is a time of unforgettable experiences, and at Arcadia University, students collect t-shirts from various events, clubs, and activities that represent cherished memories. As graduation approaches, they seek meaningful ways to preserve these keepsakes. Project Repat offers an ideal solution, transforming old t-shirts into personalized quilts, allowing Arcadia students to keep their college memories close.

The Arcadia University Experience

Located in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Arcadia University is known for its global learning emphasis and vibrant campus life. Students engage in diverse activities, accumulating t-shirts that symbolize their journey. These shirts, often too valuable to discard but too numerous to keep, find new life through Project Repat’s custom quilts.

Project Repat: Turning T-Shirts into Treasured Quilts

Project Repat specializes in creating quilts from old t-shirts. The process is simple:

  1. Select Quilt Size: Students choose from various sizes to fit their t-shirt collection.
  2. Prepare and Send T-Shirts: Clear instructions guide students in sending their shirts to Project Repat.
  3. Quilt Creation: Skilled artisans cut and arrange t-shirt designs into a quilt top, finished with a cozy fleece backing.

Sustainable and Meaningful Keepsakes

Creating a t-shirt quilt with Project Repat allows Arcadia students to repurpose their t-shirts sustainably. Instead of contributing to textile waste, these keepsakes are transformed into practical, meaningful quilts. Project Repat’s commitment to ethical manufacturing, with all quilts made in the USA, aligns with Arcadia’s values.

Celebrating the Arcadia Journey

A Project Repat quilt wraps Arcadia students in memories of their college journey. Each square represents a piece of their story, from study sessions and sports victories to volunteer efforts and social events. These quilts celebrate achievements, friendships, and personal growth, making them perfect keepsakes as graduates move forward.

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