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Hofstra University Alumni Stitch Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

Hofstra University Alumni Stitch Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

As Hofstra University alumni, you've collected a treasure trove of memories from your time on campus. From late-night study sessions to cheering on the Pride at sporting events, each t-shirt holds a special memory. But what do you do with those beloved shirts once they've outlived their wearability? Project Repat has the perfect solution - turn them into a cozy t-shirt quilt!

What is Project Repat?

Project Repat is your go-to destination for transforming beloved old T-shirts into stunning, custom-made quilts. Our passion lies in preserving your memories in a unique and practical way, crafting quilts that not only tell your story but also serve as functional pieces of art.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship, we take great care in transforming your old T-shirts into beautiful quilts that will stand the test of time. Each quilt is meticulously crafted, ensuring that every stitch reflects our dedication to excellence.

At Project Repat, we understand the sentimental value behind every T-shirt, which is why we take pride in creating quilts that capture the essence of your memories. Whether it's a collection of concert tees, sports jerseys, or treasured mementos from your college days, we turn them into a cherished keepsake that you'll treasure for years to come.

Experience the magic of transforming your old T-shirts into something truly extraordinary with Project Repat. Join us in preserving your memories in a beautiful and sustainable way, one stitch at a time.

How does it work?

The process is simple. Follow this link for instructions / directions, and how to prepare your shirts. Their team of skilled artisans will carefully cut and sew your shirts into a cozy quilt, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that tells the story of your time at Hofstra. Once your quilt is complete, it will be shipped back to you, ready to be enjoyed and treasured. 

Why choose a t-shirt quilt?

A t-shirt quilt is more than just a blanket - it's a tangible reminder of the experiences and milestones that have shaped your life. By turning your Hofstra t-shirts into a quilt, you can relive those memories every time you snuggle up with it. Whether you use it as a throw blanket on your couch or display it proudly on your bed, your t-shirt quilt will be a conversation starter and a cherished heirloom.

So why let your Hofstra t-shirts gather dust in the back of your closet when you can transform them into a beautiful quilt that will keep you warm and cozy for years to come? Preserve your memories with a Project Repat t-shirt quilt and relive your Hofstra days in style.

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