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Embracing Wildcat Memories with Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Embracing Wildcat Memories with Custom T-Shirt Quilts

At the University of New Hampshire (UNH), located in the picturesque town of Durham, every student’s journey is marked by unforgettable moments, lifelong friendships, and a deep sense of pride in being part of the Wildcat family. Amidst the serene beauty of the campus and the rich tapestry of academic and extracurricular activities, custom T-shirt quilts emerge as a cherished tradition—a tangible and heartfelt tribute to the memories made at UNH.

Crafted from a collection of beloved T-shirts representing various aspects of university life, these quilts become more than just blankets; they become cherished keepsakes, woven with threads of camaraderie, resilience, and triumph. Each shirt tells a story—a story of late-night study sessions in Dimond Library, cheering on the Wildcats at Cowell Stadium, and moments of connection and discovery along the banks of the Oyster River.

The process of creating a custom T-shirt quilt is a labor of love. Students and alumni gather their most treasured shirts, each one a tangible reminder of the experiences that have shaped them. With the guidance of skilled quilt makers, they carefully design a layout that captures the essence of their UNH journey, ensuring that every square is infused with meaning and nostalgia.

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