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Commemorating Austin College Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

Commemorating Austin College Memories with Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

College life at Austin College is a tapestry woven with academic achievements, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable experiences. Throughout their time at Austin College, students accumulate a treasure trove of memories, often represented by a collection of t-shirts from various events, clubs, and activities. As graduation approaches, finding a meaningful way to preserve these memories becomes essential.

Project Repat offers a unique solution to this challenge by transforming old t-shirts into personalized quilts. Students can select the size of their quilt, prepare and send in their shirts, and skilled artisans at Project Repat will create a custom quilt that beautifully encapsulates their college journey. This sustainable and sentimental choice not only repurposes cherished t-shirts but also aligns with Austin College's values of community and environmental responsibility.

As Austin College students wrap themselves in their t-shirt quilts, they are enveloped in the memories of their college experience—late-night study sessions, spirited campus events, and the bonds of friendship forged along the way. Each patch of the quilt represents a different aspect of their time at Austin College, serving as a tangible reminder of the unique journey they have undertaken. Through Project Repat, Austin College students can preserve these cherished memories in a practical and meaningful way, ensuring that their college years are remembered for years to come.

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