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Commemorate Your Journey: The College of New Jersey T-Shirt Quilts by Project Repat

Commemorate Your Journey: The College of New Jersey T-Shirt Quilts by Project Repat

Are you ready to encapsulate the essence of your journey at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)? Dive into a world of nostalgia and creativity with Project Repat's custom T-shirt quilts. Let's weave your college memories, inspired by the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of TCNJ, into a timeless masterpiece!

Crafting Memories into Quilted Treasures

Project Repat specializes in transforming your cherished TCNJ T-shirts into stunning quilts. From spirited Lion shirts to memorable event tees, each quilt is a vibrant tapestry that tells the story of your TCNJ experience.

Sustainability and Craftsmanship at Its Core

At Project Repat, we're deeply committed to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. By repurposing old T-shirts, adorned in the iconic blue and gold hues of TCNJ, we're not only reducing waste but also giving new life to cherished garments. Our skilled artisans ensure that every stitch reflects our dedication to excellence, resulting in a quilt that will be treasured for generations.

How It Works

Getting started with Project Repat is effortless! Simply gather your favorite TCNJ T-shirts, featuring the proud lion mascot or iconic campus landmarks, and send them our way. Then, customize your quilt by selecting the size, backing color, and any special touches you desire.

Remember to follow our detailed instructions for preparing your shirts before sending them in. You can find the instructions [here](link to instructions page). Whether it's photos capturing the beauty of the TCNJ campus, embroidered patches featuring beloved college traditions, or personalized messages, we'll collaborate with you to create a quilt that's uniquely TCNJ.

Preserve Your TCNJ Memories Today

Join us in preserving your TCNJ memories in a beautiful and sustainable way. With Project Repat's custom T-shirt quilts, you can relive your college journey and create a cherished keepsake that will warm your heart for years to come. Go Lions! Begin your journey with Project Repat today!

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