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Capture Your Wellesley College Memories with a Custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

Capture Your Wellesley College Memories with a Custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to preserve your memories from Wellesley College? Look no further than a custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt! This innovative and personalized quilt allows you to capture your college experiences in a tangible and cozy keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

What is a Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt?

A Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt is a custom-made quilt created from your own collection of t-shirts. Whether you have shirts from college events, clubs, sports teams, or special moments, you can send them to Project Repat and they will transform them into a beautiful and functional quilt. Each quilt is carefully crafted to showcase your unique journey and memories.

What kind of shirts can we use?

We can mix in different types of fabric, not just cotton t-shirts! We are able to make the most affordable quilts because we only incorporate fabrics and materials that are durable and easy to work with. Some clothing items require a minor fix, but other fabrics either are difficult to work with, or not compatible with our sewing machines

Materials that work:

T-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, tech and dri fit fabrics, fleece, flannel, scrub tops, jerseys- basketball, volleyball, hockey jerseys, golf polos, polos*

Why Choose a Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt?

Preserving your Wellesley College memories in a Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt offers a unique and creative way to celebrate your journey. Not only does it provide a cozy and functional blanket, but it also serves as a visual representation of your college experiences. Each time you wrap yourself in your quilt, you will be reminded of the friendships, achievements, and growth you experienced at Wellesley College.

Additionally, by upcycling your old t-shirts into a quilt, you are contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly practice. Instead of letting your shirts collect dust in a drawer, you are giving them new life as a cherished keepsake.

Start Creating Your Custom T-Shirt Quilt Today!

Don't let your Wellesley College memories fade away - capture them in a custom Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt. Embrace the opportunity to relive your college days every time you snuggle up with your unique and personalized quilt. Visit the Project Repat website today to begin creating your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

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