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Army Wife T-Shirt Blanket

Jaclyn Thomas and her husband had Project Repat make a t-shirt blanket that represents their lives together. The couple has moved twice, once across country, in their two years of marriage, “Of those two years, we have been separated for 10 months. He is an infantry officer in the Army and we have already been on quite a ride together. Before we had our blanket made, we had a 10 gallon Tupperware container that we lugged from place to place that was filled with t-shirts that meant a lot to both of us.

My husband has another deployment coming up and I wanted those memories preserved in such a way that I can enjoy them while he is gone. Our blanket is made up of memories apart and those that we have shared. There are countless West Point shirts that come from a time when we fostered a relationship over the phone. There are lots of young life t-shirts which represent summers, friends, change, and newness. There are t-shirts from our jobs and favorite teams. This blanket for us is a fusion of who we are as a team - the things that we love, support, work for and believe in. We are so blessed by the memories it represents”

We love that we had the opportunity to create something that means so much to this strong couple.

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