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Repat named one of the 7 Best Social Media for Social Good Sites T-Shirt Quilt




Published in Dutiee 9/13/13

Most of you have already noticed how brands have taken to social media to promote their message. Sites like Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Kickstarter, Groupon and the more popular Facebook are being used as powerful marketing tools to reach hearts and minds. So here at Dutiee we have decided to highlight seven social good brands that are on top of their game with using social media.

Our selection process was based entirely on our research and on years of tracking social good on the web. We narrowed down our initial list based on multiple factors such as  how creative, consistent and frequent the organization was with creating new content, how open they were to trying out new platforms and finally on how successful they were in terms of engaging and inspiring people.

Some of the brands in the list are more well known and established, while others are up and coming, however the common thread that ties them all  is their appetite for using the web creatively. We are very excited to present our top 7 best social media rockstars for social good.


Project Repat

They are a new but fast growing venture that upcycles old t-shirts into beautiful blankets which are cut and sewn in the USA, creating jobs and providing fair wages to their workers. The organization is great at raising funds on Kickstarter, the most popular crowdfunding platform. They crowdfunded their very existence when they presented their t-shirt upcylcing idea first on Kickstarter. Subsequently they ran two other campaigns, each time raising more funds than they needed. Across the three campaigns they have collectively raised over $35,000 from over 500 backers. This clearly indicates the trust they enjoy from the Kickstarter community.  Besides Kickstarter, Project Repat has leveraged Groupon to gain new customers, they’ve run three very successful campaigns on Groupon so far. The brand makes use of multiple social media platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter to connect with their supporters. On Facebook alone they have close to 10,000 followers and receives great engagement which is pretty good for an organization that’s less than 2 years old.

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