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8 Items to Make your Dorm Life Feel More Like Home


via Racked Boston


Welcome to Boston, new students! You're fresh out of high school, heading intodorm life slash independence for the maybe first time ever, and bumping up our city's population by the tens of thousands. For those who are used to the comforts of home, the concrete cells known as dorm rooms can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but fear not—here are eight items to remedy that, stat.

First off, make sure your room smells fresh without breaking the candle rules by using a diffuser. Substitute the canine company from your parents with an adorable bulldog hook (perfect to put your keys). Swipe food for later from the dining hall and successfully keep salad dressing off your greens and milk off your cereal with Cuppow's BNTO jar attachment. Xylem's Bar10nder tool does more than make illicit beverages: use the strainer for microwaved mug-made pasta, cut fruit, and measure the right amount of water for oatmeal. Finally, college doesn't need to disrupt your beauty routine: simply grab a Hot Iron Holster and contain your styling tools in the crowded bathroom.

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