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Professional Golfer Nicole Hage T-Shirt Quilt

A Sports T Shirt Quilt Fit for a Pro

LPGA Professional Golf player Nicole Hage started playing golf at just three years old and wanted to be sure she chose the right school to nurture her talents. Auburn proved to be the perfect fit, and Project Repat was her top choice to preserve her college memories in a tshirt quilt.

“I went to Auburn University on a full athletic scholarship and I loved every minute of it. I had the best teammates, the greatest coaches and a lot of fun. I am the biggest Auburn fan…And I saved everything from Auburn. Eventually my t shirt collection was getting to be too much. I mean, some of those shirts are ten years old by now!”


A lot of the shirts in Nicole’s t shirt sport blanket were specifically Auburn golf shirts, which meant they were one of a kind. Some were simply her favorite workout tees, but they were worn out from so much wear. Others represented important Auburn memories like her shirt from the year their baseball team won the National Championship. One was even her mom’s go-to tournament shirt, a "Proud Auburn Mom".


“One shirt in the mix was the one I wore at my very last college tournament” a moment and memory Nicole holds dear. “A bunch of the tees I wouldn’t wear again just because styles have changed so much, and some I couldn’t wear because I have new sponsors in my professional career. Everyone has that drawer of t-shirts they know they will never wear again, but they mean something bigger than just a plain old shirt. I didn’t want to part with them. I was so happy when I got my tee shirt blanket, seeing all of the shirts and memories as one, in a good quality blanket, it was definitely worth it.” Nicole mentioned her blanket also became a fabulous conversation piece that captured a large and important part of her golf career.

“My shirts were stained, worn out, even sometimes ripping" Nicole happily confessed, "But as it turns out, the rattiest ones meant the most to me. T-shirts can be like books in some ways, you can tell which are the most loved because they are falling apart from being read and re-read dozens of times." Nicole's life is golf and with her Project Repat golf tee shirt quilt, her favorite Auburn memories are there as a daily reminder. 


Photos from used with permission from Nicole Hage.
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