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Graduation Quilt- Preserving memories for years to come

When you graduate from high school, you get a diploma. But what happens to all the t-shirts full of memories. There are your concert tees, your sports t-shirts, and all the places you traveled with. When you go away for college, all these shirts remind you of home, and can help during any bout of home sickness. But it can be hard to fit all those shirts in a dorm room. 
In our second graduation season, we have seen so many families choose to turn their graduates t-shirts into a quilt. So as the summer starts, and they get ready for school, they now have their diploma, and their t-shirt quilt full of memories. 
Above is a picture of Taylor who received a memory quilt from her family:
"Taylor graduated high school this past week and I had the blanket made to commemorate some of her special moments over the past 18 years – Girls Scouts, sports, concerts, camps, and vacations.  She absolutely LOVES the blanket and will cherish it for years.  I shared the blanket at her grad party to the “oohs & ahhs” of many people who now want to make one for their children!  Thanks Project Repat for a wonderful keepsake!"
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