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Spartan Race TShirt Quilt Trophies

Spartan Race TShirt Quilt Trophies

Jeremy shared the awesome story his t-shirt quilt tells, "My quilt is about Spartan Race and how it changed my life.  I ran numerous Spartans last year and loved every minute of it.  I got tons of shirts from finishing so many of the races and I loved the idea of a t-shirt quilt. I chose Project Repat and I'm so glad I did. They did an amazing job and it's so comfortable. Last year I wound up with a few injuries but I also met new and amazing people and had great adventures. I even met my girlfriend Janis at a Spartan Race. If it wasn't for Spartan I don't know if I would of met my soul mate" These t-shirt trophies definitely hold a lot of meaning!


Custom t shirt quilt from Project Repat

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