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Rhode Island Lovin' TShirt Blanket

A Rhode Island TShirt Blanket

URI Tshirt blanket
"My t-shirt quilt tells the story of my Rhode Island journey.  Coming from a small, but lively town in New York, I started becoming interested in the state of RI when my high school volleyball team went to URI's summer volleyball camp for three years.  I returned to the University of Rhode Island my second semester of my freshman year when I transferred into their nursing program. In the spring of 2010 I began my sorority years as a sister of the Phi Chapter of Sigma Kappa.  All of my t-shirts are priceless pieces of my camp, nursing, and sorority memories in Rhode Island. Now that I'm a Registered Nurse back in NY I'll have my t-shirt quilt to hold onto those good Rhody times"
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