T-Shirt Quilt Blanket Story Series

A memory t shirt quilt of love and college memories July 22 2014

My husband and I met on the first day on my freshman year at La Salle University in Philaldelphia, PA. He was a sophomore tennis player from Virginia and I was Kansas girl looking to explore the new city. After  4 years of countless basketball games, service trips, fundraisers/races, vacations, and city outings we had more t-shirts and memories than we knew what to do with. Thankfully, we found Project Repat.

We’ve been together for 5 years, married for 3 weeks, and now have an incredible- t shirt quilt wrapped with memories from every step—state, game, and trip—along the way!


Billy Nason—2012 La Salle University Grad, works in Sales just outside of Washington, D.C.  Billy is also a 1st lieutenant in the US Army National Guard.

Amy Nason—2013 La Salle University Grad, works at a digital publishing company in Falls Church, VA.

Met on August 19th, 2009 and were married on July 5th 2014.

Memories throughout the years represented in a T-Shirt Quilt July 21 2014

My t shirt quilt features shirts from 1995-2013. I love collecting t-shirts to remember a fun day or a great time in my life. My blanket starts with the oldest shirts on the top left to the newest on the bottom right. I love wrapping myself in my memories and when I look at the all of the patches, I can remember the event associated with the shirt. From attending the Grand Opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Elementary, Middle and High School, Swimming with Dolphins, College and more! This is a wonderful way to preserve my memories without having to store them in a bin. 
-Michele G. 

Band T-Shirts as a Memory Quilt July 21 2014

"The t-shirt quilt I had made are mainly shirts of my favorite bands. I love music and saved the shirts knowing that I wanted to make them into a quilt one day. It brings back good memories because these are the shirts I wore all throughout high school. It's a great conversation piece as well. People ask where I got it made and I tell them Project Repat. Thank you guys so much for this. It's exactly what I wanted and it came out beautifully."
-Courtney S.

T-Shirt Quilt as a conversation piece July 16 2014

I’ve been trying to free up drawer space for YEARS by buying a t-shirt quilt, but the price was never right until Project Repat came along! My blanket has shirts from elementary school, high school, and college. It is a great conversation piece (Why so many 08’s? What is that shirt from?) and it’s so warm and cozy! I love being able to relive the memories, shirt by shirt. Thank you, Project Repat, for such a great experience.  I’ll definitely be referring friends and family and will probably make another quilt or two in the future!-Lauren M.

University of Georgia Sorority T Shirt Quilt July 10 2014


"My fabulous t shirt quilt is a collection of my beloved sorority’s t-shirts. The sorority’s colors are red & white but I included some black tees with a little BLING on them as well to make the blanket pop! The t-shirts themselves are of the last 5 years of activities. This includes our annual Greek step show, line anniversaries, 5K walks and our centennial celebrations. The light polar fleece is just the right weight and still feels warm enough for the fall and winter. I have wanted one for two years and I’m so pleased with Project Repat's price and quality!- April West

Commemorative T-Shirt Blanket July 07 2014


"On our little island in Orange County, CA, in 1993, to celebrate the opening of our new fire station, we had a small fun community parade. It was so successful that we have had a parade every first Sunday in June ever since. I started purchasing a commerative t-shirt with the parade "theme" on it that first year.  Twenty years later and thanks to Project Repat,  I now have this beautiful t shirt quilt! I love it! It will be on display at our Balboa Island Historical Museum."- Mitzi

Fraternity T-Shirt Quilt June 26 2014

"My fiancé has tons of  tshirts from his fraternity and although he doesn't wear too many of them, they are still special to him and carry great memories! For his birthday he asked me to transform some shirts into a t shirt quilt and I found Project Repat through great reviews on google. We had a great time fishing through his shirts and finally found 30 to use. After cutting them into the sides, I sent the shirts off and about 3 weeks later my blanket arrived and couldn't be happier with it! 

Cherishing the memories with a t-shirt blanket June 25 2014

"The youngest of our 4 children left preschool last year.  For 12 years, we had preschool-aged children; for 11 of those years, we attended a wonderful cooperative preschool in North Andover, MA called Family Co-op. 


Parents were involved in the school as much or as little as they wanted to be – and we decided to be involved a lot.  We witnessed first-hand the growth of our children in our community.  We made long lasting connections and friendships.


But the closet full of Family Co-op tee shirts and kids’ favorite clothes had to go.  What better place than into a quality, cozy, colorful, personalized t shirt quilt?


Thank you Project Repat for making our memories more present as our family grows up."-- Kim

Alpha Xi Delta Ohio State Sorority Quilt! June 19 2014

"My t shirt quilt consists of shirts from my years at The Ohio State University, mostly my time in Alpha Xi Delta, our philanthropy Autism Speaks, and The Mount Leadership Society! My shirts mean so much to me, and I wanted a way to make them even more special and keep them forever. I couldn’t be happier with my blanket and it’s an amazing way to keep and display my memories! Thanks so much! "-- Kaylie Smith

Delta Gamma Sorority T-Shirt Quilt June 09 2014

My sorority t-shirt quilt contains some of my greatest memories from high school basketball, to my college sorority and other Panhellenic shirts including a Delta Gamma letter shirt, my favorite fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon and one from FIJI, and even one from the psychology club and order of omega Greek honor society. I wouldn't trade these memories for the world and I absolutely love my tshirt quilt!-- Tiffany E. 

Graduation Quilt- Preserving memories for years to come June 03 2014

When you graduate from high school, you get a diploma. But what happens to all the t-shirts full of memories. There are your concert tees, your sports t-shirts, and all the places you traveled with. When you go away for college, all these shirts remind you of home, and can help during any bout of home sickness. But it can be hard to fit all those shirts in a dorm room. 
In our second graduation season, we have seen so many families choose to turn their graduates t-shirts into a quilt. So as the summer starts, and they get ready for school, they now have their diploma, and their t-shirt quilt full of memories. 
Above is a picture of Taylor who received a memory quilt from her family:
"Taylor graduated high school this past week and I had the blanket made to commemorate some of her special moments over the past 18 years – Girls Scouts, sports, concerts, camps, and vacations.  She absolutely LOVES the blanket and will cherish it for years.  I shared the blanket at her grad party to the “oohs & ahhs” of many people who now want to make one for their children!  Thanks Project Repat for a wonderful keepsake!"

Memorial Blanket: Cancer Sucks May 27 2014

I had 2 t shirt quilts made for my son and step-daughter to honor their Dad, who recently died of cancer. Going through the t-shirts he wore putting them together for the t shirt quilts brought back a lot of memories. Everyone that has seen the t shirt quilts loves them. I am very happy a friend told me about your company so I could give this to our kids. Beautiful work on both t shirt quilts. Thank you-
Michelle H

Anthony's memory quilt May 20 2014


Nicole made this memory quilt for her father. Here's her story

I lost my older brother Anthony in November 2013, unexpectedly at age 31. We have been keeping all of his stuff at my parents’ house, not yet ready to go through it. I wanted to find a way to incorporate something of his into a gift for Father’s Day. Ant amassed a lot of tee-shirts over the years. I found Project Repat online and they turned the shirts into an amazing blanket that perfectly captures the life my brother led. I couldn't be happier with it and now I can’t wait to give it to my dad!

Playoffs t-shirt memories May 19 2014


How do you remember an amazing playoff game you attended? I remember going to Game 5 of the Celtics-Sixers game as a senior in high school. My friends and I all sat at our computers, pressing refresh, trying desperately to get the first $10 seats that came available. If one of us got them, we had to feverishly start alerting everyone else through instant message. 

When we got to the game, we had to walk all the way to the back ( we had the last seats at the Garden), but made sure to yell as hard as possible, even if we barely could see the game. When Paul Pierce hit a 3 or Antoine Walker did his wiggle, the whole place went nuts. Now those memories, 12 years later can only be found in our heads, and a few youtube highlight clips. 

But now the NBA and NHL is giving out a t-shirt for every playoff game. If you watch the games, it looks like an SEC or ACC college basketball game. The t-shirts unite the crowd against a common enemy- the opponent-- and also give the fans a tangible memory that helps them preserve those memories. 

One of our customers- Lauren, who is from Philadelphia and a huge Flyers fans, has received many of these playoffs tees and used Project Repat to preserve her t-shirt memories into a Flyers t-shirt quilt


"If you ask anyone what my favorite thing is they will tell you it’s Philadelphia Flyers hockey.  During the playoffs the Flyers give out orange t-shirts at home playoffs games and I had obtained quite a collection of shirts.  I did not wear the shirts very often so it made perfect sense to me to turn them into a blanket.  I absolutely love the finished product and cannot thank Project Repat enough for making such a great blanket at a very affordable price.  As I collect more t-shirts I cannot wait to have more blankets made.

Delta Zeta Sorority T-Shirt Quilt May 14 2014


In college- t-shirts are distributed like popcorn at the circus. In other decades, where student groups and colleges may have passed out pamphlets, t-shirts seem to be the choice of promotional material. People want to wear what they are passionate about. When they walk around campus and back home during summer break, who they are, is represented by what is on their shirt.


So, what happens to the shirts when the t-shirts start to fade away, but the memories still linger? We have learned that people can't bear the thought of throwing them out, but they no longer wear them. When the time comes to preserve the t-shirt memories and clear out closet space, we at Project Repat present our service.It especially comes in handy for people like Kerri, who was a member of a sorority. You can see her sorority quilt above.

Here's what she said about her t-shirt memories:


"The quilt on the left contains all the t-shirts I saved from my five years as a Delta Zeta at two universities. The t-shirt on the right contains t-shirts from elementary school through college (two universities). I ordered one for my husband for Christmas and absolutely loved it. I had to have my own. I'm so excited to have all these memories in one cozy place and to not have to lug the t-shirts around as we continue to move for my husband's job."

Healing Memory Quilt May 13 2014

A Memory Quilt for Healing

Another incredibly touching story we received from a customer whose t-shirt quilts mean much more than even we expected; 

"I cannot thank Project Repat enough for my wonderful blankets. I purchased 5 and I am preparing to order 2 more. The owners and staff were so helpful and patient in answering my questions and putting my worries at ease.  For me, my blankets represented the life remnants of my husband of 26 years. Tim bravely fought stage IV colon cancer and passed away in August at the young age of 50. Project Repat memorialized his life including his building of the Cleveland Browns stadium and other northeast Ohio landmarks, as well as his love of fishing and boating on Lake Erie. I was skeptical at first, but the team treated Tim's shirts with respect and dignity, knowing they were irreplaceable to me.  If you are on the fence like I was, just order them! They are wonderful, quality blankets and now my family and I can share the stories contained in each square and celebrate Tim's life in a positive way. Thank you, again. Thank you for being instrumental in healing some of my grief"

A memory quilt in honor of Cory May 13 2014

We made a memory quilt for Kathy, and when she got it back, she shared with us this heart wrenching story about her son Cory. 
Thank you Project Repat for putting together my son Cory's quilt. We lost Cory at the age of 17 in 2012 in a motocross fall from his dirt bike. This blanket is just one reminder of so many beautiful memories we have of Cory and his love for life. The blanket is a combination of t-shirts worn by Cory and some t-shirt which were designed in honor of Cory. The combination of the two really signifies that riding dirt bikes was a life style for Cory and not just a hobby. Many of his best days were spent riding with his brother and friends. We as a family will always treasure this blanket and feel this was a very special way to put together some of Cory's favorite t-shirts. 
Thank you

LA Kings T-Shirt Quilt May 09 2014

Preserving sports fans t-shirt memories- this time for the LA Kings

Saving a son's t-shirt memories quilt May 05 2014


memory t-shirt quilt

We get a lot of customers who can't believe our price. They want their memories reserved at an affordable price, but when they see it, they can't believe it. 

I understand. You have kept these t-shirts for years, holding on to the memories, and also you remember the money you have spent on them. But they no longer fit, and you can't bear to get rid of the memories.

And now your son is moving on-- he's out of the house, but he still can't let go of the shirts. While men just seem to collect shirts, they often don't want to recognize the emotional attachment they have to them, but also refuse to throw them out. As it turns out, so many of our customers are women going through son's, husbands and boyfriends closets and clearing out closet space. The guy never notices the shirt and then all of a sudden, he is quite pleased to see all of his shirts in one place. In most cases, he forgot about half the shirts. 

Here's a story from one mother who saved all of her son's shirts and turned them into a t-shirt quilt with Project Repat.  

"I've been saving the t-shirts of our two sons for years. I've always known I wanted to gift them each with a quilt on their 21st birthday. The time finally arrived but I was finding really high prices on the internet. I came across projectrepat and was thrilled at the low cost of their quilts. I was a bit concerned that I may be sacrificing quality for price, but the reviews were good so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did! The process was so easy and each time I emailed customer service, they replied promptly and were so helpful. The quilt is amazing and my son loves it! We've had many people ask about it so I fully intend to take advantage of the referral program for our next quilt!"

An Alabama football fan's t-shirt quilt memories April 30 2014


Alabama t-shirt quilt blanket from Project Repat


There's something about sports that can act as a means of comfort when our world is shaken. The sports section of the paper can be a refuge from the world problems. With all the different opinions on how to fix our most pressing issues, there's a great routine in knowing that no writer or newsroom can spin the score of the game. The score is the score. 

Over the last few years, we have seen hundreds of thousands of t-shirts turned into a sports t-shirt quilt that represent our customers proudest moments. They also become the lasting memory of a person that has left his or her family too soon.  

Linda Head's husband was an Alabama football fan, and these t-shirt represent their memories, and act as a way for his family to preserve his memories forever. We are saddened by the Head's family tragic loss and honored that we could help, in a very small way, the family grieve and cope with the loss. 

Here's what Linda told us about the quilts: 

"My husband passed away of a massive heart attack in September 2013.  He was only 49 years old.    We had just adopted three of our grandchildren ages 5, 4, and 2.  To leave a lasting memory for them and our own children, I decided to get his t ’shirts together and let Project Repat make a quilt.  My daughter had a quilt made the year before from her high school and college shirts.  I sent 50 of his tshirts in and a few short weeks later, a beautiful quilt came in the mail.  I love the fact that I can remember him wearing these shirts and having this as the best keepsake ever."

A fallen soldier's memory quilt from Project Repat April 28 2014


"Thank you Project Repat for this amazing blanket. My late husband had few civilian clothes he would rotate through when not in uniform. Naturally, the T-shirts he had were very special and had many wonderful memories tied to each if them."

Connection to Home Tshirt Quilt April 26 2014

a peace corps tshirt quilt

 A t-shirt quilt can provide a strong sense of comfort - wrapping yourself in your t-shirt memories is a great way to feel like you're right at home. 

I brought my t-shirt quilt with me to Thailand while I serve here as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It's come in very handy, as the weather was weirdly cold when I first arrived. I also used it as a conversation starter before I knew a lot of the language. I've definitely recommended it to fellow Peace Corps Volunteers! -Ashley


A great t-shirt blanket for the bed!

Celebrating the Cotton Anniversary - A TShirt Quilt Story April 25 2014

A Project Repat Cotton Anniversary TShirt Quilt

The second wedding anniversary is called "the cotton anniversary" - what better way to celebrate than taking your cotton sweatshirts and t-shirts and turning them into a tshirt quilt.
tshirt quilt story series
My wife and I met and summer camp and every year we would get t-shirts and sweatshirts.  For our 2nd anniversary, the Cotton anniversary, I thought it would be perfect to use all of those memories for a tshirt quilt gift.  Not only did Project Repat do a stellar job, but they did it for a fraction of the price of anyone else, and did a rush job to get it here for the big day. We couldn't be happier!

Repat Meets Black Dog TShirt Quilt April 24 2014

 Black Dog TShirt Quilt from Project Repat

Black Dog Tshirt quilt Project Repat

Tracy was thrilled to show her support for two companies from her home state of Massachusetts by making a Project Repat tshirt quilt with all of her t-shirts from The Black Dog.

"I have a collection of Black Dog t-shirts that spanned ten years. Martha's Vineyard holds a special place in my heart and the t-shirts bring those memories to life. Many of them became too old and funky to wear, but I couldn't bear part with them.  The idea of making them into a blanket had been on my radar for years. My tshirt quilt is well made and cozy. I love it!"