T-Shirt Quilt Blanket Story Series

Quilted Souvenirs April 15 2014

Carlton had Project Repat make a special quilt for his son to hold onto a lifetime of souvenirs. "My son is autistic and he has always had a love of foreign places and especially the animals that live there. I traveled for work so I would always ask him what he wanted me to bring back. His answer was always something to do with the animals that lived where I was going. This went on for several years and it was sad as he grew up and grew out of many of these t-shirts and they had to be put away. But thanks to Project Repat he now has those t-shirts back and he can hold onto them forever"

In Loving Memory April 14 2014

Angelia Garcia-MacDonald wrote to us about her incredibly meaningful quilt,

It was such an honor to have an organization make such a memorable experience that will last me a lifetime.  I had a blanket made for my mother-in-law first with my husbands t-shirts.  I fell in love with it so I asked if Project Repat could use his dress shirts to make a blanket, since that is what I loved seeing him in. Project Repat said it was not a problem; it brought tears to my eyes. You see I lost my husband December 14, 2012 at the young age of 36 years old.  He was in a horrible car accident and we had only been married for almost a year, we had no children but 2 furry children. I was devastated, the love of my life gone in a flash.  When the blanket arrived I could not stop crying, this has brought me so much comfort and my dogs can still smell their dad. I can not thank you enough for this amazing gift you have blessed me with, it feels like I get to sleep with him every night!! Rest in sweet Peace my sweet Arin MacDonald

T-shirt Tapestry April 13 2014

Kathy had a huge t-shirt quilt made for her son that includes shirts from elementary school all the way to grad school and beyond. "The blanket is truly custom made with elementary school at the top through grad school at the bottom with travel and youth symphony highlights in the middle. He is going to display it on the wall of his new apartment as a t-shirt tapestry for all to see and enjoy.  I was very impressed with Project Repat throughout the process - I loved that I could design the layout and get a size that wasn't standard.Thanks so much to your company and all the workers - this is such a great idea and you do a fabulous job"

Keepsakes and Encouragement April 09 2014

Stephanie wanted to have a special gift to give her step-daughter Brooke to celebrate her graduation. Her new t-shirt blanket makes memories from her successful junior tennis career easy to bring with her to the University of Florida where she'll continue playing! Looking back on proud tournament memories Brooke will always have a reminder of her past and encouragement for the future. 


Spartan Race T-Shirt Trophies April 08 2014

Jeremy shared the awesome story his t-shirt quilt tells, "My quilt is about Spartan Race and how it changed my life.  I ran numerous Spartans last year and loved every minute of it.  I got tons of shirts from finishing so many of the races and I loved the idea of a t-shirt quilt. I chose Project Repat and I'm so glad I did. They did an amazing job and it's so comfortable. Last year I wound up with a few injuries but I also met new and amazing people and had great adventures. I even met my girlfriend Janis at a Spartan Race. If it wasn't for Spartan I don't know if I would of met my soul mate" These t-shirt trophies definitely hold a lot of meaning!



Preserving memories for Omar's family April 04 2014


Omar's mom shared with us this quilt that she made to preserve her son's memories. He died in a car accident a few years ago, but became an organ donor that helped save the lives of 3 men. We are honored to preserve these memories for Omar's family. 

The Best of Band Memories April 04 2014


Stephanie had this colorful t-shirt quilt made for her daughter Melanie. "She has been involved in music since 5th grade playing the clarinet. I kept all of her district honor band shirts, high school marching band shirts & some of her favorite shirts from movies & games she loves. I also had to throw in a few Piggly Wiggly shirts for laughs! Now that she is a freshman in college, we can look at her quilt & remember all those great achievements & most importantly the fun!!"

Quilt we made for the Brooklyn Nets April 03 2014


Rhode Island Lovin' April 02 2014

"My t-shirt quilt tells the story of my Rhode Island journey.  Coming from a small, but lively town in New York, I started becoming interested in the state of RI when my high school volleyball team went to URI's summer volleyball camp for three years.  I returned to the University of Rhode Island my second semester of my freshman year when I transferred into their nursing program. In the spring of 2010 I began my sorority years as a sister of the Phi Chapter of Sigma Kappa.  All of my t-shirts are priceless pieces of my camp, nursing, and sorority memories in Rhode Island. Now that I'm a Registered Nurse back in NY I'll have my t-shirt quilt to hold onto those good Rhody times"

Grow NYC T-Shirt Quilt April 02 2014


We made a t-shirt quilt for our friends at Grow NYC. During the first two weekends of May, we will have a booth at their Green Markets in New York. Here's more information about them:


"GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City's quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

GrowNYC was originally created in 1970 as the Council on the Environment of New York City. Born out of the spirit of the first Earth Day, the Council was initially a policy-based organization, writing comprehensive reports about quality of life issues like air quality, traffic, and noise.

Over the past 40 years we've worked to become more engaged with New York City and its citizens. Whether it's operating the world famous Union Square Greenmarket, building a new community garden, teaching young people about the environment, or improving recycling awareness, if you're a New Yorker, GrowNYC is working near you!"

Teaching Tees April 01 2014


JoAnn's Project Repat t-shirt quilt  commemorates twenty years of memories as a teacher. "I love it! Over my years teaching I had collected quite a few shirts that held many good memories. This was a perfect way to hold on to those favorites and transform them. Now I have a warm quilt. Everyone who sees it wants one too. When my students saw it on facebook they responded that they could find the T-Shirts from their senior year. My t-shirt quilt has helped bring back great memories!"

College-Themed T-Shirt Quilts April 01 2014

Production Pride March 28 2014

Paula's t-shirt quilt is not just a blanket but a real calendar of memories! Placed in order of date and theatre season, each shirt is from a production she has been a part of, "I just received my  king size quilt yesterday and have already showed it off to my whole family. The T-shirts are my collection of live plays I've worked on from 1995 to 2010 at Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii. I started off as a volunteer at the theatre and loved it so much I soon started working there"


A Birthday Hit March 27 2014

TJ had her sons finished swimming t-shirt blanket for three months before she could finally unveil it to him for his 12th birthday the other day! "After much anticipation on my part, my son received his quilt today. We made the quilt with his swimming shirts to celebrate his 12th birthday. His response..."COOL!!".  We love how the Project Repat quilt turned out. The arrangement of shirts is great. I love being able to put these shirts to use again as most were too small and others were his favorites. Now he knows where the orange shirt he couldn't find a couple weeks ago went! This quilt will remind us of all our fun times at swim meets over the past 5 years"

"The Softball Quilt" March 21 2014

Deanna wrote to us to make sure we knew how much her and her daughter loved the quilt they had made!

Dear Project Repat,

Softball and running....these are the two things that my daughter Angie loves with all her heart. We had an over abundance of tshirts and jerseys from all of her games and races, and she wanted a way to display them all. She had been hanging them on her bedroom wall! I found your company on Facebook and we decided to send in her shirts. The result was amazing!! We have so many friends that have asked about "the softball quilt"....I will definitely be ordering another one soon! Thank you Project Repat for your amazing work!

Good Things Come in Threes March 20 2014

Robin had three t-shirt quilts made for her three sons in the past three years, "they are all so special and unique. I had one made for each of my sons because they all will graduate from Mount Juliet High School in Tennessee back to back Brady in 2013, Jared in 2014 and Kolby will graduate in 2015. Each blanket includes shirts from their childhood up to graduation; football, baseball, motor-cross, lacrosse and some of their favorites, the ones they would never take off. Thank you for these special, affordable memory quilts"

T-shirts for Family Ties March 15 2014

Angie and her family brought together shirts that represent each of them to create a t-shirt quilt filled with love and memories for her mother-in-law; "The quilt looks fantastic. Seeing our t-shirts and jerseys from sporting events she has attended with us to vacations she has taken us on could not have made her happier! Now when she leaves for winters in Florida, she will be able to take pieces of us with her"

Sequoia High Cheer Memories March 14 2014

Cheer was my life for 12 years; now it can be a part of my life for the rest of it!
I've cheered for 12 years. You can only imagine how many t-shirts I have accumulated over these years. My fiancé surprised me with this blanket for our anniversary and I cant believe how awesome it is! They were just sitting in a drawer and now they are a super comfy blanket that I love! 

Inc. on 8 Weird Startups March 12 2014

Inc. featured Project Repat in their list of 8 Weird Startups Getting Traction. What did they have to say?!

If you've ever had an old T-shirt you couldn't part with, you understand the sentiment involved with this kind of apparel. Maybe you remember wearing a particular T-shirt on what turned out to be momentous occasion, such as a first date with your spouse, or perhaps you've collected a pile of them from various sporting events or concerts.

Project Repat co-founders Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein started out by making random upcycled T-shirt tote bags and scarves but customers kept asking for T-shirt quilts instead. To undercut competitors such as Campus Quilt Company, the duo decided to sew T-shirt panels together and back them with Polartec fleece, instead of using traditional batting and interfacing.

"In February 2013, we sold 6,000 custom T-shirt quilts on Groupon in two weeks," Rothstein says. "As T-shirts have become a cheap commodity, they really have become the modern form of scrapbooking."

The company processed 400,000 shirts last year, resulting in $1.1 million in sales.


A gift for a friend battling cancer March 11 2014

The Dr. Phillips  HS Panthers Girls Water Polo team made this t-shirt quilt for their friend on the boys team who is battling stage 4 cancer. Thanks for your support and kindness! 

Industrial Cobras Pride March 10 2014


Our elementary school has a fundraiser each year in March.  When the school year started, I thought that an Industrial Cobra t-shirt blanket would be an awesome auction item for our Spring Carnival. Since I don't sew, I had no idea where to start when my sister-in-law told me about Project Repat.  

I was so impressed by the raving reviews that I immediately knew it was the place!  So I started collecting t-shirts from teachers, staff members, and friends.  I was able to collect forty-nine tees to make a queen sized blanket from various "Cobra-proud" organizations within our school district; football, tennis, softball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, FFA, cheer-leading and more.  I knew that this t-shirt blanket would be amazing when it came back, but I didn't realize just how amazing!

The handiwork was incredible.  It was obvious that much pride went into transforming the t-shirts into such a beautiful piece of art.  It was so cozy and made with such attention to detail. It's cozy, cost-effective, and so darn cute! It's a real classy piece of work and very well done. It's obvious that great pride went into it and I knew that someone would treasure it forever!

Needless to say, our Industrial Cobra t-shirt blanket was a very successful auction item!  We also auctioned off a Project Repat kit for someone to have a custom-made twin t-shirt blanket of their very own! How blessed I feel to have found Project Repat; such quality work for such an affordable price!

Dr.Lill Prescribes Project Repat March 09 2014

Lillian Lalo, a news reporter at an ABC station in Huntsville, Alabama blogged about her t-shirt quilting experiences How I Organize and Embrace My T-Shirt Obsession on her site Dr.Lill where she delivers "your daily dose of whimsicality". Here is Lillian's story;

I love T-shirts.
It’s kind of an obsession.

I see t-shirts as little pieces of your life scrapbook that you get to wear!

Our collection is extensive. Chris and I share a t-shirt tower that is stuffed to capacity. We’ve got everything from high-school shirts, to frat party shirts, to t-shirts from our favorite Sushi place and everything in between.

A few years ago we started a rule that we always buy large shirts. That way we can share and our collection is kept at a more manageable level. (No more duplicate t-shirts in different sizes) We usually get gender neutral colors and have a soft spot in our hearts for Comfort Colors.

With our T-shirt collection constantly growing and changing, we needed to find something to do with our outgrown, damaged or out of date t-shirts.

A few years ago, I found MemoryQuilts4U. I ordered my first t-shirt blanket from this company.It turned out beautiful. (click here to see!) However, MemoryQuilty4U no longer exists. I can’t find any trace of the company online. Boo…

When it was time for t-shirt blanket #2, I decided to try Project Repat. I couldn’t believe the price! I could buy 5 Project Repat blankets equal to the price of my last blanket. Wow.

The company is organized and has fabulous customer service. The website is designed in a way that makes ordering extremely simple. You should check out the website just to admire streamline and user friendly design.

My newest blanket is double sided, lightweight, super portable and limp/floppy in a good way. It’s perfect!

Hobbes approves of side 1.


Highlights include: the “Lillian” t-shirt that I bought when I was dating Chris. I didn’t want to be presumptuous and put both of our names on the shirt before we were married. lol. Chris also noticed I would wear this silly shirt when I was mad at him. haha. Also my Minor Tigersshirt! That one comes from my high school cheerleading days. When we played Minor is was always THE BEST because they sold homemade candy apples. My Zoes Kitchen t-shirt commemorates my first job in high school. I’ll never work in food service again, but I’m so glad I did. And finally the Mash Bash swap t-shirt from freshman year of college. That was the ATO-DG swap where Chris and I met.

Winnie approves of side 2!

Highlights include: my first TIE-DYE t-shirt. I made it when I was about 6-year-old at vacation bible school. I was so proud of it. Also my CHER t-shirt! I’ve always loved Cher. Instead of being a normal child that wanted to go to an N*Sync or Brittany concert…. I begged to go to a Cher concert.


I highly recommend having your own t-shirt quilt made! It’s a fun way to preserve your memories and cut down on clutter. I had the double sided large blanket made. It’s the most useful size I think.

… { L } …

Visit to Dr.Lill's site to tell her your way of cutting down on t-shirt clutter or about the oldest and most special t-shirt in your collection!

Loving Theatre March 06 2014

"I love my Project Repat t-shirt quilt Made from all of the plays and musicals I did in high school, it holds many important memories. It's warm and cozy and feels like snuggling in a blanket of all those happy times"

Delta Zeta for Life March 03 2014

A proud Delta Zeta alum wrote to us, "I'm a Delta Zeta for life! So I wanted my blanket to showcase some of my St. Mary's University and sorority t-shirts that I just couldn't get rid of. It means so much to me because every time I look at it, each square brings back a different memory. I love love love it!"