T-Shirt Quilt Blanket Story Series

Runners Memories in a T-Shirt Quilt October 16 2014


I love my Project Repat t shirt quilt! What a great way to display a whole collection of t-shirts! I really like running in my spare time, and have always enjoyed collecting the shirts from my races. For years I’ve wanted a t-shirt quilt but couldn’t justify the cost, so when I learned about Project Repat I immediately bought a blanket for myself and a friend. I am amazed by the value - it's such a nice blanket and fills me with pride every time I see it. But wait, there's more: Project Repat keeps jobs right here in the U.S.A.!


Thanks Project Repat!

♥ Megan K.

South Carolina T-Shirt Quilts for twins October 16 2014


The t shirt quilt  that you made for us is made of my twins’ Gamecocks outfits from the day they were born until they turned one.  I saved every single one.  I could not bring myself to sell any of these clothes because they were just so darn cute wearing them, and of course we are Die Hard Gamecock fans!  So when I found you, I knew exactly what to do!  Thank you so much for making us this wonderful keepsake!  Every year you will be making us another blanket!  I can just sit and remember exactly when they wore each outfit.


Thank you!

Ginny Killius

College Memories in the form of a t-shirt quilt October 08 2014

I was so excited to see the end result of my sorority quilt. It brought tears to my eyes to see all my shirts made into such a special blanket that I can treasure forever. It's nice to have something as a reminder of all the great memories I made in college. This quilt is something I have been wanting to create for over 5 years, and thanks to Project Repat's mission and competitive prices it was something I was finally able to accomplish! Thank you for all of your hard work, you did a beautiful job. I love it so much!!!

A Music Major's T-Shirt Quilt October 03 2014

This t shirt quilt was made for my son Jackson, who recently graduated and was going off to college. He was accepted into the Bachelor of Commercial Music Program and he even received a music scholarship in addition to a full tuition academic scholarship! Proud mom! Music is his passion! He still wears a lot of his music/concert t-shirts, so I didn't dare send away his t-shirts without permission. He let me know which shirts I could use and we added a few photo t-shirts. It turned out amazing! He loves it and it looks great in his college room!

All four kids get a t-shirt quilt October 03 2014

We received our fourth t-shirt quilt today and my son is thrilled! I had them made for each of
four kids and we are all delighted with the results. I think the workmanship is terrific and
the results are terrific. Thank you!!!

Gift for Boyfriend: Custom T-Shirt Quilt October 01 2014

My boyfriend LOVED his lap t-shirt quilt (and so does his kitty. She lays on it all the time now)! So many memories in one blanket! (and no more wearing of ratty t-shirts)

A way to remember: A T SHIRT QUILT September 26 2014


My dad passed away 3 years ago and as with most elderly, his clothes had that "look" and smell about them that you never forget.  We didn't want to forget.  I told myself back then that I wanted to get all his favorite shirts and do a blanket of some sort for my mom.  Well, I don't sew, and I talked to some friends who gave me suggestions and said they would help me when it came to the sewing, but the task was still undaunting.  When I saw the Living Social ad for your service, I knew it was meant to be.  I bought one, then two more through your web site.  This was the first t shirt quilt  done (shown above) and we love it.  We presented it to my mom last weekend at dinner- on the 3 year anniversary of Dad's death.  It was extremely emotional and worth more than words can say.It will be cherished forever, and when Mom passes, it will stay in the family. 
Sylvia Fisk

Florida Gators t-shirt quilt September 23 2014

Throughout high school and college, I gathered not only memories but a bunch of t-shirts as well. I didn't have it in me to ever get rid of any, yet I never seemed to wear them anymore. Instead of crowding a drawer, I found the perfect way to keep my memories close. Project Repat made the best t-shirt blanket in the quickest time period! I'm obsessed!
- Alexandria

Carnegie Mellon T-Shirt Quilt September 18 2014

I LOOOOVE my t-shirt quilt. I have already been asked by several people who made it, and I have referred them to you!


Anyway, here is the story of our quilt:


My husband attended Carnegie Mellon University for his undergraduate degree, where he played on the basketball and golf teams. As you can imagine, he acquired a lot of t-shirts in four years. When he decided a few years ago to clean out his dresser, most of these shirts were on the list to be discarded. I knew we couldn't let that happen, so I kept them in a box for a few years knowing what I would eventually do with them. This year for his 31st birthday, I had a blanket made by Project Repat. He loved it, and so do I! The blanket is such a great reminder of his CMU days, not to mention it’s soft, cozy and warm! Thank you, Project Repat!



A t-shirt quilt for warmth during healing September 15 2014


Hospitals are always so cold, why would outpatient Radiology Oncology rooms be any different? My Project Repat blanket is my constant companion, each day during treatment. I've been diagnosed with Acinic Cell Carcinoma (salivary gland cancer) and my t-shirt quilt brings me laughs, comfort and warmth during this time. Each square has a story. I'll be dragging this blanket around with me for years to come.


Virginia Tech T-Shirt Quilt memories September 11 2014

As an Army brat, I lived in 2 countries & 7 states. Although I was born in Virginia, my roots are everywhere. It was fate that I ended up at Virginia Tech, home of the Hokies. I am the happiest HOKIE that ever walked that campus- EVER!  As a Virginia Tech tour guide, SK Sister, officer for the Big Event and faithful Hokie football fan, I accumulated MANY t-shirts. As I chose t-shirts for the t shirt quilt, each one reminded me of something fun, meaningful & happy. I am a proud Army Brat, but my roots run deep in Blacksburg! 

 I LOVE MY QUILT! Jamie Lien

(I also wanted to include this picture of me and my Daddy, my hero!
(my graduation May 2013)

T SHIRT QUILT for the Cotton Anniversary September 09 2014

My wife and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Our story began a decade ago when we met sophomore year of college at Quinnipiac University through their greek life. Since then, we've outgrown all our rush shirts and had no use for them...until now!
The 2nd anniversary is considered "cotton", this t-shirt quilt was the perfect solution to repurpose our memories.

Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilts September 09 2014





Music T Shirt Quilt September 08 2014

Absolutely LOVE our t shirt quilt!!  Music is the common interest that brought us together 15 years ago and we now have 3 children named after songs!  We’ve been to hundreds of concerts and when decorating our sons music themed room, we knew this was an opportunity to do something really special.  This blanket, made from some of our favorite concert and music related t-shirts, is just what we were looking for.  An amazing keepsake that tells “our story” through music. Project Repat did a phenomenal job, it’s perfectly constructed, cozy…and fast turn time!  Ironically, the week before we received the quilt, we took our oldest daughter to her first rock concert and her t-shirt collection has officially started!  Thank you so much!!!  Amie and Rey Topete

Kentucky T-Shirt Quilt: Going away gift for a young man being deployed September 05 2014

I had a t shirt quilt  made for my son who was being deployed.  He left sooner than we expected, so I had 14 days to have the blanket ready.  We wanted our son to have a piece of his "Old Kentucky Home" while he is away. I was a nervous wreck wondering if it could be made in time for him to leave.  Thanks to Nathan, Ross and his team, I shipped the t-shirts next day delivery and they put a rush on making it and sending it back on next day delivery.  They put up with so much from this crazy mom making sure I got it back before he left. Thank you Project Repat!-- Donna A. 

T Shirt Blanket for Son! September 02 2014

You did an amazing job with the T- Shirt Blanket for our son. We took all the T-shirts from his involvement in an on-campus organization Called WOW at Cal Poly SLO and cut them according to your specifications. It was a surprise for him on his 35th birthday! he had the T-shirts for 14 years.  You even accommodated my changes in Panel sizes etc so it turned out perfect! it is wonderful and the surprise on his birthday was GREAT! His wife had told us where to find the T-shirts while he was at work so he knew nothing about this. Thank you so much! The quality of work is great!! I will highly recommend you to others!! The smile on his face is worth a thousand words AND he posted it on facebook!!  Marilyn Kalvelage

A Family T-Shirt Quilt full of memories August 29 2014

My Project Repat Tshirt Quilt features a collection of tees that belonged to my husband and I, many of which we have had since we met 16 years ago.  Many of our favorite musicians are included, such as the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.  When we were designing the quilt, we thought it would awesome to make our Bob Marley shirts form a cross in the center.  I will treasure this quilt always, as it includes a Bonnaroo shirt that was a gift from my dear friend Margarita, who has since passed away.  My son thinks is the coolest thing ever and sleeps with it ever night.  It makes me happy thinking that shirts that have such special memories to me and my husband now provide comfort to our son.      


A memory quilt for a father lost to ALS August 29 2014


My dad and I were very close.  In the summer of 2010, he was diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s Disease, otherwise known as ALS.  The disease progressed really quickly and he very soon lost his ability to talk, eat, drink, hold up his neck, and eventually move and breathe on his own.  I lost my father in May of 2012 to this horrible disease.  When my mom packed up his things, my sister and I each took some of his shirts.  My sister found Project Repat and had a quilt created, so I apprehensively cut up his shirts and sent them in to have my own made.  I am very pleased with the finished product and quick turnaround time.  I love my t shirt quilt and have slept with it every night since I received it.  Thank you so much for taking care of my dad’s t-shirts and giving me a way to get them out of a box.


Remembering VT with a T-shirt Quilt August 19 2014

The college years are considered to be very life-changing and amazing for just about everyone. You decide on a career path, start to become an expert in your interests, and begin separating yourself from mom and dad becoming an independent, functioning adult.
Virginia Tech came to mean more to me than just those things. 
On April 16, 2007 my world changed forever. The worst school shooting in history happened, killing 32 amazing people. I was a junior living in the dorm where the first shooting happened and on my way to class unknowing that the second shootings were happening. A day I will certainly never forget. 
The t-shirts that comprise my blanket mean so much more than just the amazing nights with friends, all-nighters spent cramming for an exam, or the heart-pounding football games we would win (and sometimes lose). They represent a time when I learned to appreciate life and realize that it's fleeting, when I learned compassion and strength. Now I live for those 32 everyday. This t-shirt quilt is to remember them. 

Michigan State T SHIRT QUILT August 18 2014



I've always been a collector of T-shirts. Even at a young age, I tried to get a T-shirt whenever visiting somewhere new or to mark a special occasion. In college, I knew I had to continue this tradition. As a die-hard sports fan when I started at Michigan State, I collected all of the T-shirts from moments that stood out to me. Shirts from football and basketball student sections and student ticket campouts, to trips to the Final Four and victories over hated rivals. Every shirt represented a special time in my life. I continued this tradition after I graduated and started graduate school at Central Michigan. When I was finally satisfied with my collection of shirts, I sent them in to Project Repat to be made into my “College Years” t shirt quilt. What better way to preserve those memories? It turned out great and I couldn’t be happier. Now all I have to do is design another one!


Running together: T-Shirt Quilt together August 14 2014


My wife and I have participated in triathlons, together, since 2010. We’ve improved our performances and lengthened distances to include Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, and Ironman 70.3 events, as well as other endurance runs, bicycle rides, and swims. Our ultimate goal is to complete a full Ironman 140.6. We have been training for this goal for a year and will achieve it in Chattanooga, TN, September 2014. We wanted a blanket that showcased our journey and accomplishments leading up to our next milestone. Project Repat was the perfect solution! We love the t shirt blanket! Thanks! Patrick & Teresa - www.weracetogether.com

Notre Dame T-Shirt Quilt August 12 2014

Dear Project Repat,
Thank you for my blanket! 
I just graduated from Notre Dame and I wanted to do something to preserve my shirts without having them taking up all the space in my drawers. I'm staying to get my Masters at Notre Dame and I figured a T-shirt quilt would be a wonderful daily reminder of how much I loved my undergraduate experience. At the end of every day I'm excited to burrow under my t-shirt quilt. Each shirt brings back a different flood of memories. Thank you for giving me a way to reminisce! Everyone is always so excited to see my quilt and all the compliments make me so proud of what I have accomplished.

granddoggies enjoy t-shirt quilts too August 11 2014

My Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt is just a beautiful cuddly postcard of many years of my life….a fan of Yogi Berra growing up, Care bears craze during my daughter’s youth, once in a lifetime event watching both the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel….what a night!  My favorite summer orientation t-shirt from my 35+ years as an Academic Advisor at the University at Buffalo and memories of giving out awards at the Special Olympics all combined together with T-shirts from places I have been and others where family and friends went and brought me those special souvenirs!  And Elvis is in the House from a trip to the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame!  A Junior Achievement World’s Largest Snowman from the organization where I met my husband and Niagara University where my daughter received the Top senior award and played volleyball.  How can you display all that living in one area and one that keeps the family comfy!  My granddoggie is enjoying it in the photo.  Thanks Repat! - Patricia

Yay for preserving t-shirt memories! July 29 2014

Yay for preserving memories! I am such a visual person, a sucker for pretty things, and all about remembering the fun, defining moments in my life. This blanket combined all of these things that I’ve been meaning to do for years now. No more storing t-shirts in tubs all over the house that I didn’t necessarily wear every day (after all, they were from high school), but t-shirts I didn’t want to part with. Whether I want to reflect on my many years in drumline, the summer camps I attended, the organizations I was a part of, or my awesome trips across the United States during high school, Project Repat t shirt quilt was the perfect way to do it!


-Katrina B.