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Your t-shirt into a mask

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Send us a cotton t-shirt or sweatshirt and we will turn it into a mask. No jerseys, or tech shirts. The back has a blue cotton material to make it sturdier. 

Cut and Sewn in North Carolina by the award-winning t-shirt quilt team. 

The CDC recommends masks being worn in public. These aren't a perfect solution, and they are not meant for medical professionals. This product is good for going outside for walks, or to the pharmacy, or to the supermarket, and keeping your social distance. 

We can't guarantee that a specific part of the shirt is used, but we will do our best to give you a creative mask. Don't send a shirt that means the most to you in the world, but one that is fun, and has some interesting images. 

These masks are made by our same production partners who make out custom t-shirt quilts. They are also making medical-grade masks for the medical community. By buying this mask you are also helping our textile partners make much-needed PPE. 

It's time to flatten the curve!

"The early recommendations not to wear masks were rooted in the scarcity of medical masks around the world. But do-it-yourself masks, especially washable ones, will have no impact on medical supplies and may slow the spread of this virus, which helps us all." NYTimes, April 2nd. 

Masks can help.

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