Project Repat (projectrepat.com) is a Boston-based company that turns customer's memorable t-shirts into t-shirt quilts for them. Since launching in 2012, Repat customers have upcycled over a million t-shirts. Each quilt is made by someone making a living wage in either Fall River, MA or Morganton, NC. Repat was founded in 2012 by Ross Lohr and Nathan Rothstein and has been featured in Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Fox News and the Today Show.

Community Manager Responsibilities

Project Repat is looking to hire its first employee. This is a very unique and flexible position, but requires someone who is able to learn quickly, multi-task, think critically, and also be patient and kind.  The job starts at 15-20 hours a week, with 5 hours required during the weekend, but the schedule is yours to pick, and you will be able to work from home for the most part. One day a week will be at the Project Repat office.

The focus of the job is working with our customers who have a number of questions about the ordering process, changes they want to make to an order, shipping issues, and a number of other related issues to getting their t-shirts turned into a quilt.  The job also includes interacting with our two production partners to manage customer service issues that come up.

A smaller component of the job - at least to start - is social media marketing. There’s a number of techniques that we try to implement across multiple social media platforms that will also require daily attention. These include, but are not limited to: blogger outreach, managing our donation program, instagram/twitter/facebook/pinterest social media marketing.

The job duties will grow over time, but it is definitely part-time position to start. We welcome all applications, but this job is ideal for a mom who wants to be a part of a team, but wants a lot of flexibility as well.


Highly competitive and based on experience.

To apply: Email nathan@projectrepat.com with an answer to these questions:

What customer service experience do you have?

What kind of experience do you have working on a team?

What’s an example of a problem that you had to figure out a solution for?