Custom Quilts Tell Your Life Stories

College Memory Quilts Project RepatHOW IT WORKS

Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts

STEP ONE: Order your t-shirt quilt! Choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP TWO: We'll email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts to us.

College Memory Quilt Project Repat

STEP THREE: We'll send you a beautiful t-shirt quilt made from all of your t-shirts!

How can custom quilts preserve your memories and tell your life story? Take a look in your closet. Every t shirt and sweatshirt you’ve won, earned or been gifted over the years tells a story: your glory days in high school, college pride, following your favorite band on tour, championship games, military service, Greek life, your first 10K race or marathon. With Project Repat you can turn the t shirts and sweatshirts that celebrate those milestones into custom made blankets.

How Custom Blankets Are Made

Once you place an order for your customized blanket we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to prepare the shirts and ship them to us. Mail us your favorite t shirts, sweatshirts, flannels, jerseys, dress shirts, or any other soft material. Skilled American workers cut the material and sew the panels onto soft PolarTec fleece. Our high quality custom made blankets have brought joy to thousands of customers across the United States.

Quilts Designed By You

You choose how involved you want to be in the design of your quilt. For every custom sweatshirt or t-shirt blanket we make, you select:

    • Size: Lap, Twin, Full, Queen or King
    • PolarTec Fleece Color: Navy Blue, Gray, Magenta, Black, Purple or Red
    • T-Shirts:Select which t-shirts, sweatshirts or jerseys you want to preserve.
Beyond that, you decide how much control you want over the design of the finished product. If you have a pattern in mind, take a picture of the layout and send it to us along with your shirts. If you prefer to leave the design to experts, let our team do it for you. There are even options for those of you who have a particularly customized design request.

The Most Affordable Custom Quilts Available Anywhere

People ask us all the time how our custom made blankets and quilts are so much less expensive than those made by our competitors. Our goal has always been to make the highest quality t shirt blanket at the most affordable price. Our manufacturing process is streamlined so we can do just that. And our custom quilts are made by American workers who are paid a living wage for their work. Read our FAQ page for more detailed information on how and why we do what we do.

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