Project Repat Time Capsule T-Shirt Quilt

August 29, 2013 2 min read

Tessa Messinger eloquently summed up the time-capsule nature of a t-shirt blanket made of personal memories,

“Every year for my birthday, I love to go somewhere dark and quiet and watch the Perseids meteor shower.  It peaks every year on my birthday.  As a kid my family and I would trek out to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan and stay up way too late with our toes digging into the sand, and our heads resting on the sand pillow beneath our blanket.

This year I'm excited to spend my thirtieth birthday with my husband lying on my T-shirt blanket gazing at the spectacle of shooting stars.  Who needs a birthday candle when you have 60 shooting stars an hour to wish upon?"

Tessa explained how a big birthday like this one is something that makes us a take a look back,

"As I get older, it is a comfort to wrap myself in old memories.  From the sweatshirt we made when we lost a student to a tragic accident in Jr. high, to the shirts we made for orchestra in high school; from the dorm shirt I made freshman year, to the Outdoor Living Skills shirt I made my first year at Camp Romaca; from the Western Michigan University school of nursing hoodie to the tee from the prestigious hospital that I pour my heart and soul into every day,  every t-shirt has a memory.  When I snuggle up to the blanket and one square catches my eye, I'm transported to the moments and feelings it contains.

So here's to 30, to getting older, but taking time to look back.  To laying on your back staring at the stars, and remembering every moment of your wonderful life that got you to where you are today. Your experiences make you who you are, and now thanks to Project Repat those memories keep my body and soul warm at night”