Music T Shirt Quilt

September 08, 2014 1 min read

Absolutely LOVE our t shirt quilt!!  Music is the common interest that brought us together 15 years ago and we now have 3 children named after songs!  We’ve been to hundreds of concerts and when decorating our sons music themed room, we knew this was an opportunity to do something really special.  This blanket, made from some of our favorite concert and music related t-shirts, is just what we were looking for.  An amazing keepsake that tells “our story” through music. Project Repat did a phenomenal job, it’s perfectly constructed, cozy…and fast turn time!  Ironically, the week before we received the quilt, we took our oldest daughter to her first rock concert and her t-shirt collection has officially started!  Thank you so much!!!  Amie and Rey Topete