T Shirt Quilted Souvenirs

April 15, 2014 1 min read

T Shirt Quilt Souvenir from Project Repat

A Tee Shirt Quilt Souvenier from Project Repat

Carlton had Project Repat make a special tee shirt quilt for his son to hold onto a lifetime of souvenirs. "My son is autistic and he has always had a love of foreign places and especially the animals that live there. I traveled for work so I would always ask him what he wanted me to bring back. His answer was always something to do with the animals that lived where I was going. This went on for several years and it was sad as he grew up and grew out of many of these t-shirts and they had to be put away. But thanks to Project Repat he now has those t-shirts back and he can hold onto them forever"