"The Softball Tee Shirt Quilt"

March 21, 2014 1 min read

Softball Tee Shirt Quilt

Deanna wrote to us to make sure we knew how much her and her daughter loved the tee shirt quiltthey had made!

Dear Project Repat,

Softball and running....these are the two things that my daughter Angie loves with all her heart. We had an over abundance of tshirts and jerseys from all of her games and races, and she wanted a way to display them all. She had been hanging them on her bedroom wall! I found your company on Facebook and we decided to send in her shirts. The result was amazing!! We have so many friends that have asked about "the softball quilt"....I will definitely be ordering another one soon! Thank you Project Repat for your amazing work!

Softball TeeShirt Quilt