Pride and Inspiration T-Shirt Quilt

January 15, 2014 1 min read

Colleen Wilson cherishes her t-shirt blanket for much more than it's comfort, "I truly love my Project Repat t-shirt blanket!  I have told everyone I know about how great it is and what a nice job Project Repat did!  It is made of t-shirts from my first two years of running. In the summer of 2011 I was rapidly approaching 200 pounds and was feeling the effects.  Walking one flight of stairs was pretty tiring and I was having heart palpitations often.  I wanted to lose weight so I decided to buy some running shoes and try a 5K"

"The shirt from that 5K is on the blanket.  It was slow and required a lot of walking so I decided to join a training programand train properly for a 5K.  I ended up running 25 of them that first year and moved on to 10K's, 15K's, and half marathons.  16 months after I started running I ran my first full marathon. The finisher shirt from that is centered on the blanket just like I wanted.  Every time I see the blanket I am proud of myself.  That sounds arrogant but in my lifetime there haven't been a lot of times I was proud of myself until now.  I lost 60 pounds, have ran nearly 60 races including a 50 miler (saving that shirt for the next blanket) and added years of happiness and joy to my life. Project Repat gave me something to remind me every day of how far I have come"