Project Repat T Shirt Quilts

The Gift of Memories Together

Sara had a Project Repat t-shirt quilt made for her husband for Christmas that tells the story of their lives together. 

"We are both Purdue alumni. We met our first week there and married 7 years later. The blanket chronicles our life at Purdue University, I included a few of my tees too and the beginning of "us". I love the blanket! My husband refuses to get rid of his old t-shirts, and Project Repat had the perfect solution so I had the blanket made for Christmas"

"I know he's going to love it. I'm very particular, but this looks great. I love the arrangement of the t-shirts and the fleece on the back is excellent quality. I would definitely recommend this as a useful alternative for those t-shirts you don't want to get rid of"